The Pyrrho Database Management System

Malcolm Crowe, University of the West of Scotland



Pyrrho supports the following SQLSTATE conditions:

SQLSTATE Typical Message (and comments)
01010=Warning: column cannot be mapped
02000=Not found
21000=Cardinality error
21101=Element requires a singleton multiset
22000=Data or incompatible type error
22003=Numeric value out of range
22004=Illegal null value
22005=Wrong types: expected ? got ?
22007=Expected keyword ? at ?
22008=Minus sign expected (DateTime)
22009=DateTime format error
2200D=Invalid escape octet
2200J=Nonidentical notations with the same name
2200K=Nonidentical unparsed entities with the same name
2200N=Invalid XML content
2200S=Invalid XML comment
22010=Invalid indicator parameter value
22011=Substring error
22012=Divide by zero
22013=Invalid preceding or following size in window function
22014=Year out of range
22015=Inerval field overflow
22018=Invalid character value for cast
22019=Invalid escape character
22021=Illegalcharacter for this charset
22023=Too few arguments
22024=Too many arguments
22101=Bad row compare
22102=Type mismatch on concatenate
22103=Multiset element not found
22104=Incompatible multisets for union
22105=Incompatible multisets for intersection
22106=Incompatible multisets for except
22107=Exponent expected
22108=Type error in aggregation expression
22201=Unexpected type ? for comparison with Decimal
22202=Incomparable types
22203=Loss of precision on conversion
22204=Query expected
22205=Null value found in table ?
22206=Null value not allowed in column ?
22207=Row has incorrect length
22208=Mixing named and unnamed columns is not supported
23000=Integrity constraint violation
23001=RESTRICT: ? referenced in ? (a referenced object cannot be deleted)
23101=Integrity constraint on referencing table ? (delete)
23102=Integrity constraint on referencing table ? (update)
23201=? cannot be updated
23202=BEFORE data is not updatable
24000=Cursor status error
24101=Cursor is not open
26000=Unexpected label ?
27000=Triggered data change violation
28000=No role ? in database ?
28101=Unknown grantee kind
28102=Unknown grantee ?
28103=Adding a role to a role is not supported
28104=Users can only be added to roles
28105=Grant of select: entire row is nullable
28106=Grant of insert: must include all notnnull columns
28107=Grant of insert cannot include generated columns
28108=Grant of update: column ? is not updatable
28111=Grantor mismatch: ? and ?
2E000=Incorrect Pyrrho connection or security violation
2E103=This server disallows database creation by ?
2E104=Database is read-only
2E105=Invalid user ? for database ?
2E106=This operation requires a single-database session
2E107=This external procedure already has an implementation
2E108=Stop time was specified, so database is read-only
2E109=Invalid authority ? for database ?
2E110=Procedure ? is not marked external
2E111=User ? can access no columns of table ?
2H000=Collation error: ?
34000=No such cursor
3D000=Could not use database ? (database not found or damaged)
3D001=Database ? not open
3D002=Cannot detach preloaded databases
3D003=Remote database no longer accessible
3D004=Exception reported by remote database: ?
3D005=Requested operation not supported by this edition of Pyrrho
3D006=Database ? incorrectly terminated or damaged
3D007=Pathname not supported by this edition of Pyrrho
3D008=Database file has been damaged
3D009=Automatic database recovery from file damage failed: ?
3E001=Application should provide static method for ?
3E002=No constructor found with arity ?
3E003=Error during call of constructor for ?: ?
3E004=Application should provide instance method for ?
3E005=Error during Callback of ?: ?
3E006=Application should provide procedure ?
42000=Syntax errors, non-existent database objects etc
42101=Illegal character ?
42102=Name cannot be null
42103=Key must have at least one column
42104=Proposed name conflicts with existing database object (e.g. table already exists)
42105=Access denied
42106=Undefined variable ?
42107=Table ? not found
42108=Procedure ? not found
42109=Table-valued function expected
42110=Column list has incorrect length: expected ?, got ?
42111=The given key is not found in the referenced table
42112=Column ? not found
42113=Multiset operand required, not ?
42114=Object name expected for GRANT, got ?
42115=Unexpected object type ? ? for GRANT
42116=Role revoke has ADMIN option not GRANT
42117=Privilege revoke has GRANT option not ADMIN
42118=Unsupported CREATE ?
42119=Domain ? not found in database ?
4211A=Unknown privilege ?
42120=Domain or type must be specified for base column ?
42121=Cannot specify collate if domain name given
42123=NO ACTION is not supported
42124=Colon expected ?
42125=Unknown Alter type ?
42126=Unknown SET operation
42127=Table expected
42128=Illegal aggregation operation
42129=WHEN expected
42130=Ambiguous table or column reference ?
42131=Invalid POSITION ?
42132=Method ? not found in type ?
42133=Type ? not found
42134=FOR phrase is required
42135=Object ? not found
42136=Ambiguous field selector
42137=Field selector ? on non-structured type
42138=Field selector ? not defined for ?
42139=:: on non-type
42140=:: requires a static method
42141=? requires an instance method
42142=NEW requires a user-defined type constructor
42143=? specified more than once
42144=Method selector on non-structured type ?
42145=Cannot supply value for generated column ?
42146=? specified on ? trigger
42147=Table ? already has a primary key
42148=FOR EACH ROW not specified
42149=Cannot specify OLD/NEW TABLE for before trigger
42150=Malformed SQL input (non-terminated string)
42151=Bad join condition
42152=Column ? must be aggregated or grouped
42153=Table ? already exists
42154=Unimplemented or illegal function ?
42155=Nested types are not supported
42156=Column ? is already in table ?
44000=Check condition ? fails
44001=Domain check fails for ? in table ?
44002=Table check ? fails