The Pyrrho Database Management System

Malcolm Crowe, University of the West of Scotland


Download Pyrrho DBMS Version 6.3 (19MB, 16 April 2019)

These downloads include the Pyrrho Pro binaries and all of the Open Source Pyrrho files


  • You may need to "Unblock" the binaries after you copy them to your machine: If you need to do this, right-click on the binary and select Unblock.
  • On Windows, the folders containing executable files OSPSvr etc should show the Pyrrho logo: On some Windows systems following extraction from the zip file they don't, and you may need to recompile them. It is recommended to use a free version of Visual Studio for this.
  • You will find the binaries in this distribution in the Windows and Mono folders.Some documentatuion on this site uses old names for the execuitable files in this distribution. Binaries have been renamed for clarity e.g. OSP.exe is now called OSPSvr.exe.
  • Comments on the source code and the documentation are welcome: email . Before you download and install it, take a few minutes to check the End User License Agreement. By installing or using the software you accept the terms of this agreement.

    Also check this information: Contents    System Requirements   Installation   Developer Information    Firewall Configuration